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The Word for Sunday in English

Hello and a nice day to all my friends from the international world on the Internet.It is Sunday the 13.10 2019!

Well, and as a result, a normal working person has a bit of free time and I just have to get rid of something.

Again and again there are people who write me here and I basically have no problem with it.But it is then usually so, it is then people who personally do not know me and also from the completely different end of the world by e-mail or inquiries write me and I ask myself the question of where these people know me!For this reason, I think I have to get rid of something here!Basically, I have no problem establishing contact with people even if they come from the other end of the world. 

What is important to me is honest and respectful communication with these people.

Unfortunately, it happens in the past again and again, that just these people from the other side of the world who write me here!

These people are solely in these conversations or chats looking to ask me for funds.For example, iTunes cards or Amazon cards or other cards such as Paysafe or other financial resources.

Some ladies and gentlemen have already tried to ask me for example Moneygram or other transport services of cash!

To be honest, that's not very nice.

Because in my view, it's just that I do not know people I do not personally know in principle can not overflow with cash or other financial resources.

That would actually understand the man and understand, of course, accordingly.What is also very important in such communication is simply that I will never send money to people I do not personally know.

Well against honest and friendly international communication, 

I have nothing to object.Because I am an honest person and always say what I think does not matter if it fits the other on the nose or not.

Because I think it is very important in this day and age to communicate with each other honestly and respectfully and therefore I think some ladies and gentlemen here on the internet should learn that it is not always about the money !!

But it's about honest friendships and honest relationships and above all, it's about respect for the other person.For this reason, here are the messages to the entire humanity and to the world in the international Internet traffic.

Who wants to make a friendly contact with me here or who would like to get to know me who is allowed to do that, I am a very friendly open person but one thing should be clear to everyone!

As soon as any person, whether male or female, asks me for money and in whatever form, I will end the communication with immediate effect.

Each of my communication partners has the opportunity if he wants to start this attempt to ask this question once! 

I will then answer this question with "no".In case of recurrence, 

I will terminate the contact with this person with immediate effect.

If this person then starts another attempt to ask me for money 

I will block that person without further notice.

Because from my point of view, it is quite simple, every person is working for his life and for his wages and I am certainly not the human being who plays here as a hobby money distributor for other people in this world!Therefore, I do not feel like dealing with people who trample on an honest friendship and who want to achieve honest friendship only for the sake of money!That's not the purpose of a sincere friendship and that's why as I said who's trying to ask for money! He will soon realize that he can not reach me anymore.

Like 90% of humanity, I am a hard-working person and I do not see it as supporting people who just wave nice photos or nice videos without knowing me personally here with money!That's not my will why I'm here on the internet.

As a man, I would like to have simple and honest friendships, simple and honest contacts and honest contacts and honest friendships are not about money.It's all about humanity, it's about feeling it's about simply hugging each other when you meet in person.

Of course, good friends spend a cup of coffee, but that's when it stops!That's why, as I said, it's important to me that the rest of the world understands that, so that's why I'm writing this down here.From this point of view, I just want to tell the world that I do not feel like it all day on a Sunday which is anyway a lesser part of my free time, just talking about it so you could not send me such an iTunes card or yes you can not send me anything via Moneygram.I'm not on the internet for that !!What I want here is!Here just develop honest friendships. 

I just want to say hello and just want to get to know people without having to worry about money.Who does not want to understand that will notice very quickly that he has no patient interlocutor in me!As I said, I work here with a very large amount of technology and will continue to do so because in the international events of the Internet, it is in fact the fact that many people only speak English or partly work with translation programs.So you can easily build up a decent communication here.So these are just my simple rules here on the Internet that I have put for myself on the net and who does not want to understand that can actually save any communication with me.

Because on my day off on a Sunday my need to start here does not want to distribute money but I want to talk to people I want to discuss I just want to know what it looks like on the other side of the world.Who understands that has in me a very good conversation partner. Furthermore, it is simply important to me that friendship is not about money, and most of all, it's not about how you can finance one's life, it's about simple honest and respectful communication and that's what some ladies and gentlemen need here understand on the internet.Well, the world is money-hungry enough!That's why I'm actually there so that I say when I realize that it is only a man for his personal benefit and then or to fill up his personal piggy bank!Then I say no thanks and will end the contact.But if you are interested in having an honest friendship with me or who just wants to get to know me as a person who is allowed to write to me and I will gladly answer.But as I said I'm not the piggy bank of the planet and who does not understand that will quickly realize that he can find no more open door with me.

One may also like to say if you want to have an honest friendship just write me a note or just send me a coffee invitation.On the other hand, if you want to get to know me personally as a person, you are welcome to try this and you are welcome to come here in Germany or in the other countries where I move.But as I said that is time to discuss and of course before registering.At the present time, where every person works on average five to six days a week and some people are also working in shifts!Since it is of course not conducive if then on Saturday evening, for example, comes from a late shift home and the visit is then on Sunday morning with coffee and cake at 8 o'clock in the door.My dear friends, friends and conversation partners from this world!Politely I would like to say!The pastor in the church would say!That was the word for Sunday!You can now think about how you want to communicate with me or just let it stay that each person decides on his own.

Best Regards

Your Frank Stolz