Private Homepage

Frank Stolz

International Information to the Visitors of My Homepage

Hello to my international visitors to this my private Homepage.

Well in general, I am always Happy About News of all Kinds.

 Only here, in principle, there are a few dienge with me I do not on principle. First, I do not use links that are cost-effective. 

Also, I do not use links to any Dating Lines. 

These usually cost only the men so I really money. Therefore, I consistently refuse to join such sites. For the sake of courtesy, all messages to me will be accepted. 

For politeness requires a person who asks another person a question to write an answer. 

Persons who only think I have to write to the opinion of me to be able to pull my sour earned Money out of my Pocket! They will notice very quickly that they land in one of my blacklists. 

Because with my barely over fifty years young, I have no time for Games. 

But if you think you want to get to know me in an honest way, is a Welcome Guest in this my Homepage. 

Therefore, there is a rule with me and that means! 

Anyone who writes or speaks honestly and openly with me will always find an open ear with me. 

Well I like to help with questions like Coffee and go Dancing and have other Hobbies. 


Then just write me and everyone gets an Answer. 

Same thing for everyone. 

Whether on Instagram or Facebook or Google Hangouts or SnapChat. 

People who subscribe or ask me a Question or request will get an Answer. People who think they can cheat me are warned on the first attempt and blocked on the second try. 

People who deal with me honestly are treated honestly. 

This Text is translated into most Languages. So that everyone knows my rules and can also take note of them.

Best RegardsYour Frank Stolz