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International Private Information.

Here are my international visitors and friends a few private experiences from the Internet. Have fun while reading.

So my friends and visitors from the international world.

Here are a few experiences stories that I have personally experienced on the Internet or have been shared with other people.

Now in the last years it has happened again and again that people from all over the world contact me via Facebook or via Snapchat or Google Hangouts, for example, and write and try to establish communication with me.

Most of the time these people just try to make contact in order to have a nice chat with me.

Only normal start it is then usually so that they first tell about their lives and first want to know about me a few things, then as I said first establish a contact, then get to know me as a person and to me as a person just to experience times and  It is then usually so that these people then first enter into a chat with me for two days.

In the course of this communication, however, I unfortunately always had to realize that many of these people who write to me have only one thing in mind and that they simply take their personal advantage from this conversation, so here live an experience from my Internet, the  I would like to tell you.  Just to explain why I rarely take a break from communications of this kind very quickly.

For example, in the course of my internet life I have already experienced a lot and therefore I would like to tell you the here and now, because it is important to me that my personal circle of friends and also my acquaintances and also the people with whom I have been for some time  Employees Knowing It In the past, it's simply that many people tried to talk to me, for example, to have a chat with me, and of course tried to get more information about me during the conversation.  Now you talk about the weather first.  You talk about where do you come from, where do we go?  One also likes to talk about, what does the other and where does the other come from and from this experience I think it is.  Also important to talk about such information.

Many of these people who have spoken to me and, for example, regardless of whether man or woman have communicated with me.  These people often asked me once.  Yes, if I would send something to them.  Be it Amazon cards or iTunes cards only these cards cost money and I believe that each person is responsible for his own progress and therefore I think that, for example, such people have only one in mind.

Many of these people among other things now that a man am women were these ladies then did one thing, of course they first asked friendly and have always mentioned yes that they find me nice and that they really like me, they have  told me about her life and then repeatedly mentioned.  Yes, they have vegan me and unfortunately it was also so that after 45 days these people so these ladies have asked again and again, if I could not even send them an Amazon or iTunes card.  Well from my point of view, I think these ladies should know one thing.  It is not in the sense of an internet friendship to personally enrich yourself and it is not in the sense of a friend you just three days to ask for such gifts.

For in my experience, it is for example that many people are just out with this iTunes cards or other cards that way to finance your personal life at the expense of others from my point of view I think it is not right that such people  And above all, the people who are also abroad and then have only the one in mind through these talks to get a card and to pull the Lord of this world from the bag for this reason, I think that it is very important  is simply informing about this way of certain ladies, because it makes no sense to take advantage of the honesty of a person and thus.  To finance his personal needs, therefore, I know from the experience and I have had many conversations of this kind in recent years, because I am a fairly open person and I also think that it is always friendly to be honest and to just be human  say that I'm just an open person for open communication.

Now and in the past, I have already experienced some ladies this way, the first time I wrote.  Yes, they find me a nice man and they find me a nice person and have also sent me pictures.  Partly also pictures that were very personal and I have to say, ok, that's so far so nice for me as a man to see a nice lady sometimes something private, but in my view, such materials are not on the Internet.

Well, as I could easily write a book about it, but as I said, I'm honestly not in the sense and that's why, as I said, well, I'm writing quite well inclined and like to write private stories, but as I said, these stories and books  I write privately, they are really only for me.  So I'll never think of releasing such a book, maybe the kids of the world will eventually read it when I'm not on this planet anymore, but posterity can decide that.  I do not decide that here, but first and foremost, it is very important to me that many people understand my thoughts and appreciate and respect my feelings.  I just want to get rid of something to the international ladies.

Well, ladies around the world, well, I'm a very open person and always ready for nice talks, but I just want to tell you that in the future, and in the past, I'm not going to do any things  So I would like to politely ask you to keep a normal, honest and respectful communication and therefore I would also ask you to not ask me for money or iTunes cards, because I will do this  In principle, I do not respect inquiries and I will also blog inquiries this way in the repeated case.

Well, that's simply the reason a lady wrote to me over the internet many years ago and asked me for help.  Well the whole thing started with an iTunes card of about 50 € and then the lady came up with the idea to send me various pictures and then after 1-2 days of nice conversation she came up with the idea and asked me again for a card  and again and again and again and again, I realized very quickly that the lady and the footage were wrong and so I stopped the contact.

Because in my view, it's easy to have friends around the world, but in a friendship or maybe even in a long-distance relationship, you can never go out of your money, because that simply destroys any friendship or long-distance relationship.

In internet friendships, it is always important in my view not to talk about money, before the person who writes one basically always has seen live, that can be done in the form of a visit or in the form of a holiday together and then of course you can  Also as I said on the topic talk, that you help each other sometimes, but as I said, that can not be done after three or four days, that's a matter of several years, where then first built a multiple visit or a long-standing friendship  Has.

For reasons of self-protection, I can only advise against people who have never personally met to provide any funds, because one thing is for sure.  It is not proven that the footage was obtained.  Real is because there are always people who pull pictures from the Internet and under pretending false facts just try to finance the life and for this reason I think it is quite simply that you have to react in one way or another  , because unfortunately it is just that many of these people are just out to personally enrich the contact partner or the person sitting at the other end.

And some ladies on the internet are very inventive and also think that we are simply stupid men because of my experience, it is simply that many of these ladies on the Internet on the different chat portals cover letter have nothing else in mind,  to fill as her personal purse.  It is usually the case that many of these ladies are actually men, because there are so many energies that people can muster if they just want to use their personal environment in such a way that they completely integrate their own style and personality  make the background around practically human.  In around the world simply over various maps or partly also over goods consignments the money from the bag pull.

In my personal experience, I've also experienced that people especially alleged ladies looking for a chat with me and just write me.  Yeah, how nice you find me and how nice you have me and then after 3 days nice in the chat write me yes, if I could send them a card.  These cards are then mostly from iTunes or from Amazon or Moneygram.  Some ladies also ask if they could have a cash shipment and then what is surprising, these ladies then supposedly give addresses yes of the aunt or grandmother, but these ladies are strangely never their own kind. Resse on the further you get from ladies  This type also no phone number, so you can not call them and no matter where in the world and I personally find it very dubious and it is personally a need to tell people simply that there are unfortunately such people who  are only considered for their personal benefit.

So my dear visitors and friends here now my personal tip for you all who read this page from my international contacts and friend lists.  Of course, it also gives me pleasure to inform you about it, because I want to protect my honest friends.

For this reason, I have translated this page in painstaking work and I hope that any of my international friends anywhere around the world this page can read correctly.  Now 90% of humanity is simply fluent in the English language, and so I think English is the best way to communicate it, just to share it.

Well in case any of you discover any typos or maybe arguing mistakes, do not be angry, I've written this page through a translator.  Well, my English is a bit rusty, so I think, a translator is actually the best way to actually provide these people and friends from all over the world with this message of international forms.

Well in case any of you discover any typos or maybe arguing mistakes, do not be angry, I've written this page through a translator.  Well, my English is a bit rusty, so I think, a translator is actually the best way to actually provide these people and friends from all over the world with this message of international forms.

So my dear visitors and also the ladies of the international level I would like to politely ask me with respect and friendliness simply to ask who wants to communicate with me, or who wants to be friends with me, who is allowed to do that, I am a very  open man and I would like to politely ask me in no case to ask for money for this reason.  If I point out here again, should a person no matter whether man or woman ask for money or iTunes cards I will terminate the communication with immediate effect.

In no case, however, will I ever provide money in any form of communication in the international arena for people I do not know personally, these people just have to go the first way, that they first set up a personal meeting with me, who  I would like to do that, but as I said, I can make an appointment and, of course, only at one point in my personal environment.

If you want to visit me, you are welcome to do so, but I will not pay for the hotel or other accommodations within this visit. Furthermore, I will not cover any costs for the journey, because if you want to visit me, you are welcome to do so.  but as I said, it is each person responsible for himself and everyone is responsible for his own actions and therefore I do not see that I have to pay for a friendly visit that a man has planned.

To give an example a person goes on vacation meets another person there.  Well, then he can not take over from the other person he has just met, the holiday fund.  Well, that 's absolutely a joke and from this point of view it' s quite simply an important message to all people who want to get to know me, as I said, the Lake Constance region, where I live here at the moment is a very beautiful region and  You can make wonderful holidays here and get to know me without obligation, but in no case I will pay for any things for the journey or for the friend visit, this is not correct and in my opinion I think it is not necessary, the honest friends  who visit me.  I do not want to have to pay for the journey, or if you think that you write me yes, if I could participate in the travel costs, then I say explicitly.  No, I can not do that and I do not want to because this assumption would create a dependency and that's why I never do such a thing.

So, my friends and ladies around the world, I give you the advice who would like to get to know me as a man and as a man, who is allowed to do that as I said at my own expense, I have no problem, to move in the international imagery  but I do not see that I should pay for the visit of a man.  I do not do that and I will never do that in the future, because in the past I have been asked many times if I will pay for a journey and I say no and who does not understand this and who does not accept it  He should stay where he is and should be happy with his life, because I have no need to buy my friends.  a friendship is honest and a friendship has nothing to do with money and that is why it is my opinion that if a friend from anywhere in the world wants to visit me, then he does so without my having to travel  needs financial help.

That's from my experience in a good 20 years of internet and who would like to explain the time or has questions about this subject who may of course like to do so.  But I like to pray in this form and who would like to ask me, as I said like to do it, it is important to me, but that I politely ask, who asks me, send me a flawless German translation to me as  already in the past this message and this text said my English is a bit rusty and therefore I would like to politely ask you to provide me a German translation for the request, so that I can understand exactly what the sender of the news would like to tell me,  I will of course as far as I can translate English communications in the form of a translator, but to clear up any misunderstandings I would like to ask if the sender of a message is possible to me but please send a flawless German translation.

Now my international visitors and friends from all over the world, it is important for me to get rid of this one, because in the last months and weeks it has been very popular, that ladies and people from all over the world wrote or chatted to me and after 3  -4 days but quite nice friendly communication was just the one goal of these people from me simply to get money.  And I do not want that, this is not my desire for an honest friendship and for that reason I say these people and these ladies who only tried me or me to ask for money, which is blocked with immediate effect, because I'm fed up  and it gets on my nerves.  Because many people have only one thing in mind, they have to pull the money from other people, who are perhaps in good faith, I do not need to buy my friends and therefore my warning to everyone here, who with me one  I am always ready for honest friendly contact, but whoever wants to bring me here my hard-earned money, will be blocked with immediate effect and without question.

So my dear visitors and friends from all over the world, have a nice life and I wish you a nice day.  Thank you for taking the time to read this page, best regards, Frank.